Commissioner District 3

The Office of the County Commissioner, District 3

David Beck
Commissioner District 3
Political Party
David Beck
David Beck
Commissioner District 3


In memory of Martin Kirk

(Commissioner from Jan. 2015 to Sept. 2021)

  • Maintains and constructs county roads and bridges
  • Serves on the Board of County Commissioners, the chief administrative office of the county
  • Attends regular board meetings where county business is transacted
  • As a board member, approves and oversees county budget
  • As a board member, functions as the business manager of the county
  • Relies on the Office of the State Auditor and Inspector for guidance

Some content may be extracted from OSU Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet AGEC-802 and/or the County Training Program website. More complete information is available from these sources.

Detour Map
Detour route for Green Country Road closure
Bridge 110 Construction
Green Country Road Bridge
This bridge will soon be complete in District #3 and to road reopened. Commissioner Beck plans to run the concrete June 28.